Super Cool Geography Facts

I'm talking out of my ass in this entire website. I hold absolutely none of these views, I just think it's funny to indulge in a bit of unreasonable xenophobia from time to time.

List of disGUSTING countries:

My very obvious justifications:


I mean, let's not kid ourselves here, this is a place that has lost against Germany twice in a row, only barely surviving by begging the United States to come solve their problems. This is a place whose most well known landmark is just a really tall (and HOLLOW) square pyramid, and the home of the most ridiculous language to have been summoned from the pits of Hell.


I don't need to say anything. england.


The worst offender above all other nations, here. belgium. The "belgians". I won't give any more attention to this sad subject, refer to work done before my time, linked here.

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I'm leaving this down here so I don't lose it

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